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scribing, n.

Forms:  see scribe v.   and -ing suffix1; also Sc. pre-17 scribeing. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: scribe v., -ing suffix1.
Etymology: < scribe v. + -ing suffix1.
With sense 4   compare later scribe v. 4c.

 a. The action of writing. Cf. scribe v. I.

1622   J. Taylor Great O'Toole sig. Bv   The Scriuener liues braue by sophisticke scribing.
1653–4   in F. Roberts & I. M. M. Macphail Dumbarton Common Good Accts. (1972) 200   To the general post at the scribeing of the book, 12 s.
1887   Eng. Mechanic 11 Feb. 524/2   This ink was quite solid until thawed out this morning, and if I was to attempt to write away from a fire..it would immediately freeze on the pen and stop my scribing.
1918   Internat. Stereotypers & Electrotypers Union Jrnl. Nov. 32/1   Well readers, I had a 6 months' vacation in scribing, and my wife says it was some blessed vacation owing to the fact that she cannot talk to me when I do write.
2004   D. Howard Kingston (2005) Pref. p. xv   After encountering Kingston, I met Abi who has lived with the city and the scribing of this book for the course of our time together.

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 b. In plural. Writings; written works. Cf. scribe v. I.

1846   Daily News 26 Jan. 2/6   All the terrific sayings and scribings of the last three months about the indescribable deposit ogre that was coming to eat up all the Bank-notes in the kingdom.
1897   S. R. Crockett Lads' Love Ded. p. ix   But if you like my scribings not—well, pass; at least I was entirely happy when I wrote them.
1942   Paris (Texas) News 18 Nov. 6/1   That old writer whose scribings are included in the Bible under the heading of Eclesiastes [sic].
2010   L. Dobszay Restoration & Org. Devel. Rom. Rite Introd. p. xxi   Others may have considered my scribings to be simply a collection of general guidelines.

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 2. The action, process, or technique of marking or scoring a material (originally wood), using a tool or instrument with a sharp point, a laser, etc. Cf. scribe v. II.

1679   J. Moxon Mech. Exercises I. vii. 120   Sawing, Mortessing, Tenanting, Scribing, Paring, Plaining, Moulding, &c.
1710   J. Harris Lexicon Technicum II   Scribing, when the Joyners would fit a piece of Board, &c. to an irregular Surface, or any other irregular Piece; They open their stiff Iron Compasses [etc.].
1774   T. Skaife Key Civil Archit. xxix. 155   The rail or bar that is tenonted must be mitred, as if for scribing.
1842   J. Gwilt Encycl. Archit. Gloss. 1030   Scribing, fitting the edge of a board to a surface not accurately plane, as the skirting of a room to a floor. In joinery, it is the fitting one piece to another, so that the fibres of them may be perpendicular to each other, the two edges being cut to an angle to join.
1896   R. Kipling Seven Seas 133   Ung, a maker of pictures, fell to his scribing on bone.
1969   G. C. Dickinson Maps & Air Photographs v. 75   Scribing..consists in producing a negative-type drawing by scraping away an opaque coating applied to glass or dimensionally stable plastic sheets.
1983   Buck & Hickman Catal. 1983–5 §1. 50   The one tool incorporates all the necessary features to enable the scribing and trimming of plastic laminates to size.
2008   N. B. Dahotre & S. P. Harimkar Laser Fabrication & Machining of Materials xiii. 499   Lasers are presently used in a number of noncontact manufacturing processes such as welding, drilling, cutting, shaping, scribing, etc.

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3. An identifying mark scribed on a cask. Cf. scribe v. 5. Obsolete. rare.

1859   F. L. M'Clintock Voy. ‘Fox’ xiii. 242   The heading [of a cask] has been brought on board, but the ‘scribing’ upon it is very indistinct.

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 4. In plural. Archaeology. Marks or images cut into stone, cave walls, etc. Cf. scribe v. 4c.

1870   Proc. Royal Irish Acad. 1866–9 10 328   The larger cavern..owes its chief interest to the occurrence upon its sides of a number of ‘scorings’..analogous to the mysterious scribings upon rocks which have been noticed in localities widely apart.
1895   Nature 28 Nov. 83   A number of mysterious rock-scribings.
1935   Irish Naturalists' Jrnl. 5 294   A full demonstration was made of this magnificent sepulchral mound and its wealth of Bronze Age scribings.
1950   R. Hayward Ulster & City of Belfast 159   You should certainly try to visit the Lettered Cave of Knockmore, wherein you will find the walls decorated with scribings dating from Neolithic times to the early Celtic Christian era.
2014   S. McGrail Early Ships & Seafaring ii. 61   The evidence for the early use of bundle rafts depends on the interpretation of scribings and engravings.

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  General attributive. In the names of various tools or appliances for scribing (sense 2).

  scribing gauge   n. any of various instruments in the form of a template, or of a sharp point or drawing implement on a stand, used for scoring or marking straight lines on the surface of a manufactured object, parallel to a reference line; spec.= surface gauge n. (b) at surface n. Compounds 3.

1838   Papers on Duties Corps Royal Engineers II. i. 15/1 (table)    Scribing gauges.
1868   ‘Steady Stoker’ Model Steam Engine 80   The work, having been previously marked out with the scribing-gauge, is fixed and filed away to the lines.
1944   J. Millar in R. Greenhalgh Pract. Builder x. 347/2   Other equipment includes: rasps, straight-edge, steel square, 2-ft. rule, scribing gauges and solder pot.
2009   A. Jackson & D. Day Pop. Mech. Compl. Home How-to (rev. ed.) 116/1   Use the scribing gauge to score a line that follows the baseboard.

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  scribing iron   n. now chiefly hist. a hand tool with an iron point for marking casks and timber; cf. scrieve iron n., scrieving iron n. at scrieving n. Compounds.

1818   Hull Packet 10 Feb. (advt.)    Trees numbered with Scribing Irons.
1920   Canada Lumberman & Woodworker 15 Apr. 45/2   All markings on posts and trees shall be carefully and plainly made with scribing iron so as to be easily read.
2014   M. Dunbar Restoring, tuning & using Classic Woodworking Tools (rev ed.) xiii. 110 (caption)    The scribing iron has two scribes (sometimes called nickers), one on either corner.

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  scribing plate   n. rare  (a) a flat metal cutting tool to make scoring marks, or a template used as a guide in the scoring of a flat object or surface;  (b) a flat sheet or photographic plate that bears a detailed image (esp. a photographic image), used in manufacturing or as a printing master.

1870   U.S. Patent 102,649 1/2   A scribing-plate may also be attached to either side of the gauge, by which the board may be marked for cutting off.
1945   Machinery Aug. 226/3   A new engineering material known as ‘Kodak Green Scribing Plate’ has been developed by the Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N.Y., for use with optical comparators of the contour projection type.
1952   W. B. McKay McKay's Building Constr. (ed. 3) I. 157   Two-foot rule, square, scribing plate (for describing circles on pipes, etc.), copper tube benders [etc.]
1969   R. & E. Coordinator Apr. 9/2   A new glass-based scribing plate for the generation of microphotography masters, precision printed circuits, and other applications requiring extremely clean, sharp lines.

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  scribing point   n. the point or stylus of a scoring or marking tool, or of a mechanical recording device that leaves a trace on a surface.

1813   Trans. Soc. Encouragem. Arts, Manuf. & Commerce 31 248   A common scribing point is fixed in the bar.
1879   Nature 30 Oct. 623/1   It is necessary that one and the same scribing point should describe the sum of the two motions.
1910   Encycl. Brit. VI. 302/1   Tuning-forks are employed, giving any convenient number of vibrations per second, a light style or scribing point, usually of aluminium, being attached to one of the legs of the tuning-fork.
2001   A. Giatti & M. Miniati Acoustics & its Instruments 64   Some of these devices could trace fìgures on a card by means of a scribing point or a moving line of sand that fell onto a card.
2007   R. Timings Engin. Fund. 194   Let's now consider the tools that provide guidance for the scribing point.

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  scribing speed   n. the speed at which a mechanical or laser scribing tool operates (in distance or number of worked pieces per unit of time).

1965   Semiconductor Products & Solid State Technol. Sept. 42/1   Scribing speed is adjustable from 1″ to 3″ per second.
1971   Physics Bull. Dec. 743/3   The scribing speed is 360 [substrates] in min−1.
2015   C. Ballif et al. in M. D. Archer & M. A. Green Clean Electr. from Photovoltaics (ed. 2) iv. 190   Typical pulse lengths and energies are in the few ns and μJ range, with a typical repetition rate of 30–100kHz ensuring a scribing speed of over 1 m/s for a spot size of 30–40μm.

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